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Flambé Lounge report - 6/7/06
Pre-Compression was a phenomenal success, and You Are That Pig would like to extend a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who came to chill in our beloved Pigloo last Saturday. The debut of the Reactor was met with wild enthusiasm, last year's transparency art made a comeback, and the pigs served hot bacon to hungry burners all night long. We were thrilled to share the theme camp village with collectives such as DUSTFISH, MONTICELLO, and PANCAKE PLAYHOUSE, and can't wait to see everyone out on the playa! Stay tuned for our debut of the Night Playground, Pigs in Space photo installation, and much, much more.

Flambé Lounge announced - 5/25/06
91 days before that big fire in the Nevada desert, You Are That Pig will ignite Precompression in San Francisco. Chill out in our Pigloo, and be present for the unveiling of our newest surprise: Reactor. Come to PoundSF (100 Cargo Way in SF) on Saturday June 3 for the second Flambé Lounge event for 2006! Click here for more info.

PiggieBank a success! - 5/13/06
You Are That Pig's first ever fundraiser met and exceeded our expectations! Complete with bacon, a raffle, and some of the best DJs around, the event was--as they say--off the hook. Of course we couldn't have done it without all the wonderful people who came and partied it up with us. Thank you all for making PiggieBank such a blast! Stay tuned for more YATP events.

PiggieBank Announced - 4/26/06
Hot on the heels of our new site opening up we are now officially announcing our first Burning Man event: You Are That Pig Presents: PiggieBank

YATP Site Launched - 4/15/06
Today marks the first day for You Are That Pig's public online presence. We're all really excited about the future of YATP. Not only will this new site let us reach more interesting people, but it will let us share the Burning Man experience with everyone! Stay tuned here for more news about YATP, especially our upcoming events.