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At Burning Man 2002, there was no theme camp called "You Are That Pig". Instead, a bunch of friends got together and constructed the facade of Invader Zim's house in an open camping section of the playa. It was during this event that the collective began accusing each other: "You are that pig!"

For some odd reason, the name stuck, and the collective assumed the name for the rest of history as we know it.

For 2003, "You Are That Pig Presents: Another Roadside Attraction" hit the playa. We built a miniature golf course full of the sorts of odd things you might see at roadside attractions, including a massive vagina, the Invader Zim hole, gift-a-hole!, Trogdor the Burninator, Christmas hole, and Attack of the 50-foot woman (at 1/10th scale).

The Burning Man theme for 2004 was the Vaults of Heaven, so we brought the golf course back and decorated the holes with representations of each of the signs of the Zodiac. We also built a very tall steel frame light structure and blue petals to surround it in a spherical shape, and placed this piece in the center of the golf course. This year, "You Are That Pig presents: Everything Revolves Around Uranus." We introduced cold beer on tap into our playa contributions, and the bar was born - complete with our very own playa pool table. We created a cover for our dome made of bright pink rip-stop in the design of a giant pighead, complete with eyes, ears and a snout. And wow was it pink.

In 2005, the beer and the "pigloo" dome returned, but the golf course had run its course and was retired. We set up an art gallery installation chill space entitled "You Are That Pig Presents: The Sandman vs. The Boogeyman" to represent various dreams and nightmares - going along with the BM theme of The Psyche. Our kitchen gained rockstar status, as did our recycling program. Playa Pool returned with a bonafide pool table this time. But one of our biggest successes this year was BaconFest. Four hours, sixteen pounds of bacon, hundreds of pancakes, and a keg of Hefeweizen make for one hell of a happy midday breakfast meal for a couple hundred of our neighbors and friends. Eat your bacon, pigs!!

This year, YATP has already undergone some major changes, switching to a decentralized model of management, added scads of technology to help the group plan and stay in contact, and moving to a rented workspace for our creation and storage venue, rather than a garage we had taken advantage of for too long. We are incredibly excited to start building our art as we have thrown out some really incredible ideas so far. Among them, we are considering building an art car, a playground, an interactive phone booth, and a wind-powered YATP beacon tower. Stay tuned!